Will a humidifier help my French Bulldog breathe better?

humidifier help french bulldog breathe better

You may have seen videos and images of Frenchies appearing to sleep soundly next to a humidifier. Some owners swear by these devices for the health of their pets. So, why use a humidifier for better Bulldog breathing? 

There is a good chance that your Frenchie will breathe a little easier with less congestion when you add a humidifier to the room. Finding the ideal humidity with the best device or a tent system could improve snoring and other issues related to obstructed breathing. 

French Bulldogs snore and have trouble breathing most of the time. 

These problems are due to their facial structure. Excessive breeding to get the squashed-in face of the breed has led to deformities in the jaw and nasal passages, as well the risk of obstruction in the airways. There are increased risks of breathing difficulties when exercising and of increased snoring when the dog has some other illness or congestion in the nose. The problem can become even worse in the winter when the air gets dry and they deal with winter illnesses. 

Bringing in a humidifier could make a difference. 

These devices are popular with many homeowners that don’t like the air getting too dry, especially in the colder months. It is surprising the impact that these machines can have on your ability to breathe deeper and with less constriction. This can also help dogs in the same way. The moisture can help to open up the airways, letting more air into the lungs and minimizing the impact of any obstructions. It can also help if the dog has any mucus in the airways adding to the issue. 

This is often a much better way to add moisture to your dog’s nasal passages than relying on nasal drops. These drops are a saline solution that can break up mucus and ease congestion. If you have ever tried to use one of these saline options yourself, you know how unpleasant it can be to have liquid in the nasal passages. We know that it is for our own good but our Frenchies aren’t going to realise that as you try and hold their head back to administer the drops. 

Humidifiers in tents can offer a more effective treatment. 

If you really want to go for an intensive treatment with a humidifier, it helps to know where to place one. You can put one in a tent and let your dog sleep in there with it for a while. This means that there is less of an area for the humidifier to handle and you can achieve better air quality in this small space. All you need to do is place the dog and device under a bed sheet or blanket and let it do its work. This works best if you have the dog in a carrier or crate so they can’t wander off. So, the effectiveness of this will depend on your pup’s levels of comfort in one of these contained spaces. 

Some dog owners will do this with steam instead. But, these treatments are a little harder to set up. A steam tent requires a source of hot water somewhere, which might not be as safe or inviting for the dog. Some owners will leave the shower running and leave the dog in its carrier nearby. Again, this all depends on how comfortable your pet is around running water and in a crate. Letting them come into the bathroom as you shower could provide a quick burst of steam each day, but you would also lose your privacy. 

Therefore, the humidifier is the better option. It will cost more in the short-term to get one set-up in your home. But, it is a simple way to provide the right moisture levels with no risk to the dog and no complicated processes. It shouldn’t take long to learn how to use one for the best results. 

The change in humidity with a humidifier is just part of the steps that you can take to improve the environment and atmosphere in the home for your dog. The humidifier adds moisture to open up the airways but it doesn’t help if there are also damaging particles in the air that exacerbate the problem. Therefore, you also need to make sure that any climate control in the room doesn’t push around dust particles and other irritants that can get in the airways. This also includes particles from synthetic products like room spray that could aggravate the problem further. 

Don’t focus on the moisture and forget about the dust and other particles. 

It is also important to remember that these environmental considerations aren’t the only way that you can help your French Bulldog if they are struggling with snoring and other breathing issues. You can also consider the fact that their sleeping position could play a big role in snoring and encourage them to sleep on their stomach. Also, there is the risk that excess weight around the chest and neck could put pressure on the dog. Weight loss programmes could help. If the situation gets really bad and the dog develops sleep apnea, you could look into surgical intervention. 

Humidifiers are a great aid but not a cure.

Unfortunately, there will be times when there is little you can do to stop your dog snoring or snorting for breath. The genetic of this dog isn’t on their side here. These ideas can help to some degree, but you aren’t going to eliminate the issue. This is particularly true for all those dealing with dogs with allergies and those that take medication that can worsen the problem further. 

Yes,  a humidifier will help your French Bulldog breathe better

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to learning how to use a humidifier to improve your dog’s breathing. But, this should be part of a wider plan that considers other environmental issues and health implications. Set up a humidifier tent, monitor your dog, and go from there. 

Mother of Frenchies

I’m Sarah-Jane White, an Animal Behaviourist and Trainer and one of my degrees is specifically in Canine Behaviour and Training. I’m a supporter and occasionally foster for the Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue and French Bulldog Saviours. I have grown up with bullbreeds and currently have one fawn pied French Bulldog called Dolly, her nickname is Po, after Kung Fu Panda because she loves noodles and has some great ninja moves.

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