Best boots for dog walking (warmth, fit, support)

4.0 rating

We do a lot of dog walking and as the weather turns wetter and muddier I decided to look for some new boots. My current walking boots are really sturdy, but heavy and not very waterproof. So it was time to invest in something new.

I already own muck boots for, funnily enough, mucking out the ponies. They are steel toecapped and really heavy duty. Too much for walking in.

But Muckboots have launched a range of dog walking boots so I thought I’d give them a try.

I opted for the Arctic Sport II short boots. I did look at the Vibram ice grip version, but decided against them as a) I dont walk much on ice and b) reading reviews it said that the ice grip bit wears off!

With them being £60 more expensive than the Arctic Sport II boots (£115) I thought I would save the money and buy Po a new harness instead. More about that in the next review.

I ordered online and they arrived quickly. Upon opening the box I was delighted that they weren’t any where near as heavy as my other boots! Yay! I went for the grey version, although not very colourful or sexy looking, practicality, warmth and comfort was the objective of the purchase.


Are Arctic Sport II muckboots warm?

Muckboot’s website says ” The Arctic Sport II short boots are designed for women who love the outdoors, even in the coldest conditions. These mid-height boots step up the warmth factor with cosy fleece lining and a 5mm neoprene inner boot for ultimate warmth in extreme conditions. “

I have to say that today was bloody chilly and my feet were toasty warm. I did have my Rohan merino wool socks on too for extra warmth. So this was a great combination.

Are Arctic Sport II muck boots a snug fit?

“The stretch-fit top-line binding keeps the boots snug to your legs to keep cold air out and warm air in.” Yes, they were good, but not that snug on my calves. I have been running this year, so my legs are pretty toned up so I think with long thick socks they would be a snugger fit, but they were perfectly fine on today’s walk.

Do Arctic Sport II muck boots support your feet?

“An EVA moulded midsole offers support and the rugged outsole helps grip.” I found them surprisingly comfy and the support on your feet was really good especially when rambling over the fields. They didn’t wobble about like usual wellies.

Key Features of the Arctic Sport II Muckboots:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Fully lined with 5mm neoprene for flexibility
  • Fleece lining for warmth
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for added comfort
  • Rugged outsole for grip
  • Mid-height with pull-tab for easy on and off
  • Versatile, general purpose outsole
  • Estimated boot height 31cm/ 12.4″
  • Estimated max calf circumference 37cm/ 14.9″
  • Half sizes order up


These were warm, comfortable and no blisters so I’m really happy with my purchase. I’ll update this review in the coming months and over winter to see how long they last.


I’ve been through some pretty thick mud and these have held up well, however even though I stomped through puddles and swished through grass there was still plenty of mud on them.

This meant when I took them off, I got a very muddy sock that had to go straight in the washing machine.

It would be nice if there was a little lip on the back of the heel so you could easily tread on it to loosen them off. They are a good fit and the suction is almost impossible to get them off without getting muddy! I’ve removed a star from the rating for this, as I hate wasting a good pair of socks.

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