Mother of Frenchies – About me

Mother of Frenchies

This isn’t just any old french bulldog website.

I’m Sarah-Jane White, an Animal Behaviourist and Trainer and one of my degrees is specifically in Canine Behaviour and Training.

I’m a supporter and occasionally foster for the Phoenix French Bulldog RescueOpens in a new tab. and French Bulldog SavioursOpens in a new tab..

I have grown up with bullbreeds and currently have one fawn pied French Bulldog called Dolly, her nickname is Po, after Kung Fu Panda because she loves noodles and has some great ninja moves.

Po has had a charmed life and up until 2019 she was trouble free, but then suddenly one day a disc herniated in her neck ( where her skull connects to her spine) and she was nearly paralysed for life.

Thanks to the amazing supervets we have here at The Grove in Norfolk, Po underwent the most delicate surgery and we thought we’d lost her. But she pulled through and made a complete recovery. Unfortunately her insurance didn’t cover the bill, so we spent our savings paying for the procedure and she is worth every single penny, and more.

So, I love the countryside and am grateful for the many animals in my life who bring me love and joy every day.  Owning a French Bulldog has been an interesting challenge, as they said that you ‘can’t train a Frenchie’ – well I proved that wrong. Po has been the most fun breed I have ever owned to train.  I’ve had bulldogs, bull mastiff, german shepherd, belgian shepherds, pekingeses and a greyhound and loved them all, but they aren’t Po.

This website is in honour of my little pal and all the funny, quirky things that she and her Frenchie friends do.


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